Thesis Gallery

Below an overview of PhD theses written or supervised by members of the Biomedical MR research group of the department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Radboudumc, Nijmegen.


L. Heskamp


T. Peeters


E. Wiegers
B. van de Bank
H. Rooijackers
M. Hekman


E. ter Voert
M. Schouten
A. Rijpma
M. Hoogenboom
M. Wiesmann
I. Steinseifer
K. Overduin


M. Lagemaat
E. Vos


B. Janssen
S. Heijmink
B.C. Hamans


L. Heijmen
Y. Sun
T. Kobus
P. Nunes


V. Zerbi
D. Jansen
H. Prinsen


K.C.C. van de Ven
T. Hambrock
D. Yakar
V. Breukels


C. Nabuurs
J.P. Wijnen


C.R. Hooijmans
M. Philippens


D.W.J. Klomp


W.K.J. Renema


J.H. de Haan


T.W.J. Scheenen


A. van Cappellen van Walsum


E.B. Cornel


M. van der Graaf


A. Heerschap

24. K.C.C. van de Ven. RUN. 5 december 2012. Promotores: Heerschap, Tack. Copromotores: Galan, van der Graaf

23. K. Saelness. NTNU. 25 september 2012. Promotores: Gribbestad, Heerschap.

22. C.I.H.C. Nabuurs. In vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy of energy metabolism in mice. RUN. 6 oktober 2010. Promotor: Heerschap, Copromotor: Isbrandt

21. J.P. Wijnen. Multi-nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of human brain tumorurs. RUN. 28 september 2010. Promotor: Heerschap, Copromotor: Scheenen

20. C.R. Hooijmans. Impact of nutritional lipids and vascular factors in Alzheimer’s Disease - a study of transgenic Alzheimer mice. RUN. 10 december 200 8. Promotores: Heerschap, Ritkes-Hoitinga. Copromotores: Kiliaan

19. M.E.P. Philippens. Radiation tolerance of the rat spinal cord: volume effects and MR imaging. RUN 10 juni 2008; Promotores: van der Kogel, Heerschap.

18. R.D. Kok. Proton MRS of the human fetal brain. RUN 10 december 2007; Promotores: van den Berg, Heerschap and Lotgering.

17. J. Schuuring. The micro-environment of brain tumors: imaging and therapeutic perspectives. RUN. 3 oktober 2007. Promotores: van der Kogel, Heerschap

16. D.W.J. Klomp. Clinical multi-nuclear MR spectroscopy. RUN. 24 augustus 2007 Promotores: Heerschap, Kentgens

15. H.E. Kan. Creatine: biosynthesis, uptake and turnover. Assessment of creatine-related energy metabolism by magnetic resonance spectroscopy and functional measurements. RUN. 25 april 2007 Promotores: Heerschap, de Haan; Co-promotor: Isbrandt

14. H.W.M. van Laarhoven. Vascularization, oxygenation, and metabolism in colorectal cancer. RUN, 4 november 2005. Promotores: Heerschap, Punt & van der Kogel

13. K-J Renema. In vivo Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Transgenic mouse models with altered high energy phosphoryl transfer metabolism. RUN, 10 oktober 2005 Promotores: Heerschap, Wieringa

12. J.H. de Haan. Assessment of insulin stimulated glycogen synthesis by magnetic resonance spectroscopy: studies in skeletal muscle of healthy versus insulin resistant humans. KUN Nijmegen, 1 november 2004; Promotores: Heerschap, Smit ; Co-promotor: Tack

11. A. Simonetti. Investigation of brain tumor classification and its reliability using chemometrics on MR spectroscopy and MR imaging data. KUN, 15 april 2004. Promotores: Buydens, Heerschap

10. C.J. Houtman. Motor recruitment in the tibialis anterior muscle during fatique: electrophysiology and metabolism. KUN, 5 april 2004 Promotores: Stegeman, Heerschap and Zwarts

9. M. Rijpkema. MR imaging and MR spectroscopy to guide treatment selection for patients with tumours in the brain and head-neck region. KUN, 19 februari 2003. Promotores: Heerschap, van der Kogel

8. S.H. Moolenaar. Body fluid NMR spectroscopy in the diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism. KUN, 20 november, 2001. Promotores: Wevers, Heerschap

7. Y. Kamm. 19F MR spectroscopy of 5-fluorouracil in the treatment of colorectal cancer. KUN, 12 oktober 2001. Promotores: Wagener, Heerschap

6. H. Witjes. Explorative analysis of chemometrics in MR Imaging and MR Spectroscopic Imaging of human brain tumors. KUN, 6 november 2001 Promotores: Buydens, Heerschap

5. A-M van Cappellen. Cerebral metabolism of hypoxic fetal sheep investigated by NMR spectroscopy. KUN, 4 december 2000. Promotores: Oeseburg, Heerschap, Nijhuis

4. H.J.A. in ’t Zandt. Plasticity of energy metabolism in creatine kinase deficient mice. KUN, 28 juni 2000. Promotores: Heerschap, Wieringa

3. H.J.J.A. Bernsen. Morphological, functional, and therapeutic aspects of brain tumor vasculature: an experimental study. KUN, 1 dec 1999. Promotores: van der Kogel, Heerschap

2. B.P.J. van der Sanden. Perfusion, Oxygenation and vascular architecture of gliomas. KUN, 21 juni 1999. Promotores: Heerschap, van der Kogel

1. A.J. van den Bergh. In vivo 13C MR spectroscopy for human investigations . KUN, 13 april 1999 Promotor: Heerschap

Supervision / co-promotor

- R.J.F. Houston. Post-ischemic myocardial functional recovery and metabolic markers KUN, 10 dec 1998 (promotor B. Oeseburg)

- E.B. Cornel. Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy in urological oncology KUN, 24 mei 1994 (promotor F. deBruyne)

- G.A.H.J. Smits. High energy shock waves induced biological effects in different tumor models KUN, 1992 (promotor F deBruyne)